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Animation Bible Camp

Diary of Nebby - Animation Package Full Digital Download

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Animation Bible Camp provides hands-on activities and lessons for your tween and teens. The program is extremely flexible but, works best for groups containing four to 20 students in a VBS-type setting (a couple hours each day for a week). 

The Diary of Nebby explores the book of Daniel chapters one to four from the perspective of King Nebuchadnezzar ("Nebby"). Four lessons with instructor's notes (available in KJV and NASB) show how God used Daniel and others to change the heart of Nebby. Each lesson is complimented with a student-created, hands-on, animation project that provides a humorous and memorable look at Nebby's life. NO ANIMATION EXPERIENCE IS NEEDED. Detailed instructions, printable animation "puppet" patterns, links to free software, scripts, and more are provided in the 500+MB digital download.

Also included in the digital download:


- Time-Line for Organizing Your Camp
- Daily Camp Agenda
- Sample Promotional Graphics
- Sample Sign-In Sheets
- Digital Audio Files (music and Voice)

- Certificates of Completion

Animation Bible Camp has helped to share the Gospel with thousands of people. Please pray that this ministry will inspire our youth to follow Jesus. If you have any questions about Animation Bible Camp, I would enjoy the chance to talk with you.

Jamie Cope